How do I mobilize my first site?

On our Homepage, enter your domain name and hit ‘Mobilize’. Then, fill out the registration form to create an account. All domains are eligible for a 7-day free trial, once you register.


What is the difference between an APP and a Mobile Website?

A mobile app is a complete mobile application, which usually requires installation on your mobile device. It consumes system resources and memory. A mobile website is a slimmed-down mobile version of your normal site, that targets your specific mobile users’ needs, does not require special system resources, and displays in your default mobile browser.


Will publishing my WiyaMobile site affect my main website?

No, we only reorganize data that has already been publicly displayed on your existing site, and only save your customizations to your mobile version.



How does WiyaMobile convert my site?

First, our intelligent Automatic Content Identifier (ACI) analyzes your desktop site to determine page structure. Then, this information is passed to our Mobile Engine (ME), which pulls menu and body content, then renders the mobile site.


Will changes to my desktop site be reflected on my mobile site?

Each time your mobile website is served, the WiyaMobile Mobile Engine (ME) renders the mobile site from scratch. This allows for any changes made to your desktop website to be automatically reflected in your mobile website, eliminating the need for you to mange two versions of the site at once.


Can my mobile users log in to view secure pages?

Yes, our technology can automatically mobilize simple login forms, and our servers can securely pass session information and mobilize your secure areas. Where more complex JavaScript validations are used, our Custom Solutions team can build a custom mobile login form, replicating your existing desktop form.


Can my users register on my mobile site?

Similar to login forms, we can mobilize most registration forms. If issues exist, perhaps due to extensive JavaScript validations, our Custom Solutions team can help you to recreate your form in our Customization Tools.


Can you use Google AdSense on my mobile site?

Yes we can. All we need is your AdSense Publisher ID, the Ad ID, and our AdSense plugin. You can apply the AdSense plugin site-wide or on specific pages, configure the positioning of the plugin, and change the style of the plugin.


Can we use Google Analytics on my mobile site?

Yes, simply give us your Google Analytics ID (e.g. UA-XXXXX-X) in the Analytics Tab in our Customization Tools. If you wish to separate your desktop and mobile analytics, create a new site account inside your Google Analytics, to get a separate UA code just for your mobile site.


What are “Placed Analytics”?

With Placed Analytics, you can view the places your users were nearby when interacting with your mobile site. Access aggregated daily reports, including: Businesses, Business Categories, Heat Maps, and User Traffic Patterns. Simply add your Placed Analytics ID to the Analytics Tab in the Tools – for more information, please see Placed.com.


Can I configure basic SEO options?

Yes, under the Properties tab, you can specify Browser Page Titles and Meta Tags including: Description, Keywords, and Author.


Can I upload custom icons for iPhone/Android?

Yes, under the Properties tab you can upload custom icons that will render well across iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Your users will see these icons if they bookmark your site on their Homescreen.


Can I restrict certain sub-domains from being mobilized?

Yes, on the Properties tab under “Other”, you can specify a comma-separated list of sub-domains that you do not wish to be automatically mobilized.


Can I use JavaScript on my mobile site?

Yes. On the JavaScript tab, you can add site-wide scripts or references that will be inserted into the Head section of your mobile site. As well, in the Custom HTML plugin, you can put inline JavaScript into the editor window, to create any number of interactive effects.


Can Google index my mobile site?

Yes, you can submit your default mobile URL or a Custom Domain to any search engine. The best method is to log in to Google Webmaster Tools, and use their Add Site feature. For verification, use the Alternative Verification Method, and get the Meta tag verification code. Add the Meta tag code in the Properties tab of the WiyaMobile Tools, under Meta Tags.


Does your service work with QR codes?

Yes, when you hit Publish in our Tools window, we automatically generate a QR code for your mobile site. To save the QR image, right-click on the image and hit, “Save Image As…”.


Do you support different languages?

If your language exists in the structure domain.com/french, we can mobilize the language pages the same way we mobilize any other page.



Menu, Content & Design


Can you add content to the mobile site?

Yes, commonly the Text plugin allows us to add specific blocks of text to only your mobile version.


Can you change the current Homepage of your mobile site?

Yes we can, simply hit ‘Create New Page’ then, ‘Create New Homepage’ and our system will substitute your new custom Homepage for your previously mobilized one.



Can we recreate the look and feel of my desktop website?

Yes, within certain technical design constraints that allow your mobile site to be viewed properly across all mobile devices. Normal page styling options, such as logo positioning, font-family selection, font-sizes, page background, font and page colors, as well as a wide range of other global design options (including custom CSS) allow you to mirror your desktop styles.


I don’t have a mobile website. Can you create a website from scratch?

Yes! we registration the page and simply create an account. Or if you already have an account, log in and click Add Site. You will then be given the option to build a site from scratch. However, it is usually preferable to mobilize an existing desktop site, as our technology auto-updates your mobile site, when your desktop site is changed.


Can I create a mobile web page from scratch?

Yes, we can easily create a new page from scratch by selecting Create a New Page within our Customization Tools. We often refer to these as ‘static pages’ since the content is not linked to the desktop version of your site.




Can visitors to my mobile website call me instantly?

Yes, with our Click-To-Call plugin, you can easily create a “thumb-friendly” customizable button on any page of your mobile website. The button automatically initiates a phone call when pressed.


Can visitors to my mobile website email me instantly?

Yes, with our Click-To-Email plugin you can easily create a “thumb-friendly” customizable button on any page of your mobile website. The button launches the mobile device’s default mail application.


Can we include a map or directions in my mobile website?

Yes, our Click-to-Map plugin makes a “thumb-friendly” button that launches the device’s default map application (e.g. Google Maps, Apple Maps). Users are able to get travel directions in just a few clicks.


Can visitors to my mobile website text me?

Yes, with our Click-to-SMS plugin, you can create a “thumb-friendly” customizable button on any page of your mobile website. The button launches the mobile device’s default SMS application, for fast text messaging.


Can we provide a link back to the desktop version of my site?

Yes, our Full Version plugin creates a “thumb-friendly” customizable button on any page of your mobile website, that points to your desktop website’s Homepage.


Can we add an image to my mobile website?

Yes, our Image plugin allow you to add an image to any page of your mobile site, with the option to hyperlink. Many options are available, such as mobilizing the linked-to page, rounded image borders, image caption, and/or CSS drop shadows.


Can we add a link within any page of my mobile website?

Yes, our Link plugin adds a “thumb-friendly” customizable button with a hyperlink to any page. Also, you can choose to mobilize any linked-to page automatically.


Can we add a custom HTML table to my mobile website?

Yes, our Table plugin allows you to insert an HTML table with standard options such as padding, font-size, colors, and drop shadows.



Can we add video to any page within my mobile website?

Yes, our Video plugin allows you to easily add an iFrame-embedded mp4 video from YouTube or Vimeo. Your video will be HTML5 compliant, and render on mobile devices without the need for Flash or JavaScript.


Can I add a “contact us” section?

Yes, our Contact Bar is a fast way to add several optional contact links in one button, including your phone number, email, physical address, and SMS number. Custom styling is available, with standard options such as alignment, font-sizes and colors, and drop shadows.


Can I put a “share link” on my mobile site?

Yes, our Share Bar plugin allows you to add share links to the most popular social networking sites. Currently, the plugin supports email sharing, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.


Can I point users to my social networking pages?

Yes, our Social Bar plugin allows you put quick links to the most popular social networking pages. Currently, the plugin supports Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn, as well as the ability to link to an RSS/Atom feed.


What is the Promote plugin?

The Promote plugin allows users to easily add a promoted product, like a “Sale!”, “Free Class!”, or “60% off!” promotion. You can add a promotional image, with a custom hyperlink, and even add custom HTML or JavaScript to the promotion caption.


Can I use a Vertical Slider, or JavaScript accordion?

Yes, we can present content in sophisticated ways with our customizable Accordion plugin. In each section of the accordion, you can insert plain text or custom HTML, and slide this content vertically up or down. Because you can insert HTML in any section, you can also insert images, links, and even video content. The plugin includes our standard design customization options.


Can I add an image slider or carousel to my site?

Yes, our Carousel plugin is capable of putting multiple images into a horizontal image slider. It even has the ability to choose already existing images from a mobilized page, and combine them into one carousel for a cleaner visual experience.


What’s the difference between the Gallery and Carousel plugins?

The Carousel plugin creates a horizontal image slider, whereas the Gallery plugin makes a table of linkable images. Interestingly, the Gallery plugin cannot only be used to display a variety of configurable images, but also can be used to create a stylized menu, with images as hyperlinked buttons.


How do I create a custom menu?

The Menu plugin allows us to create custom menus, either globally, or on selected pages. We can choose to mobilize the linked-to pages, and change a variety of visual style options. Interestingly, deselecting Outer Spacing and removing Rounded Borders can stick your menu to either the Header logo or Footer logo, creating an attractive “sticky menu” effect for a mobile device.


Can I embed an RSS feed on my mobile site?

Yes, we can certainly insert an RSS or Atom feed onto any mobile page, and choose the number of most recent articles to display. We will choose the Feed plugin, input your URL, and choose from a variety of styling options.


Can you insert custom code?

The HTML Snippet plugin allows us to insert a position-able block of custom HTML code, embed external objects and even insert custom JavaScript. Inline or External CSS is also supported, giving you extreme control over your content and design.


How does the Dashboard plugin work?

The Dashboard plugin allows you to create a static table of linkable icons, Dashboard-style. Commonly, designers like to place the Dashboard at either the header or footer, giving it the appearance of a slick static menu, incorporating your essential links, and being available on every page. Tip: Try removing Outer Spacing and Rounded Borders, to create a sophisticated Dashboard appearance.


How do I add a “like button” for my Facebook page?

If you’re looking to drive SEM, the Facebook Like plugin makes it easy. we can add this plugin with your Facebook Page URL, and users will be able to give you a “like” with a single click.


Can I add a live display of my Twitter Tweets?

Yes, inserting the Twitter Feed plugin allows you to display any number of recent Tweets. Simply give us your Twitter username, the number of Tweets you wish to display, then we can customize the style of the plugin and position it on your mobile site.


Can I link to my YouTube channel?

Yes we can. Once we inserted, our YouTube Channel plugin will display a list of your most recent YouTube videos. Simply enter your YouTube username, the number of visible feed items you would like, then play around with the styling.


Can I use OpenTable to allow my users to make a reservation?

Yes, our OpenTable plugin, using your OpenTable ID will insert a widget that allows your mobile customers to make a table reservation.


Can I add a “contact us” form on my mobile site?

Yes, we can with our the Custom Form plugin, we can easily build a form that will email submissions directly to you. we have the ability to include a success or failure message, plus a variety of standard form fields, including: Email, Telephone, Date Picker, Radio Buttons, and Text Area. Check out the Rating field, which can be used for customer feedback.



Feature Requests

Can I integrate e-commerce into my mobile website?

At this time, unfortunately we don’t have a mobile commerce solution, but we’re working on it. It’s a top priority. If you would like to be notified once it’s ready, please contact us and we will add you to this specific notification list.



Custom Domains & Redirection



Do I need to have a Custom Domain?

Technically no, but from a marketing perspective it is usually a good idea for your business to have a unique mobile domain, like m.yoursite.com. By default, your site is published at yoursite.WiyaMobile.com.



How do I see if my website is redirecting?

Test it with a mobile device! Alternately, you can install a user-agent extension for your browser that will spoof your browser as a mobile device. Or, if you feel like getting really fancy, we use either Apple’s Official iOS Simulator, or Google’s official Android Emulator.


Pricing, Billing & Accounts

How much does WiyaMobile cost?

Please see our Pricing Page for our latest rates.


How much does it cost if I mobilize more than one domain?

Our prices are quoted per domain and each domain needs to be bought separately.


Can I try your service for free?

Absolutely! Every WiyaMobile customer is entitled to a free, seven-day trial.


What are your payment terms?

Your credit card will be charged monthly, on the same day of the month that you originally signed up. Payment is due on the first day of the billing period, and will automatically be deducted from the credit card we have on file for you.


How do I cancel?

To cancel your subscription, please provide a phone number to reach you at and I will give you a call


How do I purchase my domain?

To purchase a domain, please log in to your Wiyawebstore.com   and purchase your domain Name.


How do I update my billing details?

At this time, we can only update billing details manually in the system. Please provide a phone number to reach you at and I will give you a call to update your payment details now.


I need an invoice. How do I get one?

Invoices for your subscriptions and payments are automatically sent to your account email address. Please search your email for messages from support@WiyaMobile.com. If you still cannot find the invoice you need, please give me the email address you use to log into WiyaMobile and the months for which you need invoices sent to you, and I will go ahead and get them sent out to you.