Mobile Website Plugins


Add unlimited plugins to your site. Make the user impressed with your work. Presentation and accessibility is the key to success.

Contact Bar

If you’ve already included WiyaMobile Communication and Location widgets on your site, you can centralize them with the Contact Bar, which provides immediate access to the Click-To-Call, Click-to-Email, Click-to-SMS and Map widgets.


Social Bar

Your Mobilized site is a crucial part of your online presence, but it doesn’t stand alone. With the Social Bar, you can direct users to your pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and LinkedIn.



Instant Maps

Embed a map onto your Mobilized site. Maps can either be static images, or fully-functional Google Maps.


Site Search

Give users another way to navigate your site with custom Google search functionality.



Ad Integration

With Ad Integration, every WiyaMobile customer can become a Google AdSense publisher. Text, image and video ads will automatically be served to users of your site, generating revenue on a per-click or per-impression basis.

And if you need additional support maximizing ad revenue, we can help.


Audio Video Support

Embed videos directly onto your Mobilized webpage, rather than forcing users to navigate to a third-party site or app.

WiyaMobile supports a variety of video formats, including AVI, MP4, MOV, SWF, as well as allowing you to inegrate YouTube and Vimeo links.



Contact Forms

Give users of your Mobilized site a simple way to be in touch. The Contact Form integrates directly into your site, and gives you another way to collect emails and phone numbers for remarketing efforts.



Image Carousel

Give users the ability to browse a set of images with the Carousel widget. Navigation can be user-triggered, or automatic.




Include a grid of thumbnail images on your Mobilized site with the “Gallery” widget. Gallery grids can include 3 or 4 images per row.


Find a Location

Make it simple for users to find your nearest location. Allow them to search by city, address, or zip code, or automatically find you based on their current location.

Map results are fully customizable, and can be combined with the “Click-to-Call” and other “Communication” Tools.



The “Feed” widget gives you the ability to add any RSS/Atom feed into your Mobilized site. Integrate your official blog, Tumblr, a third-party feed – or anything with an RSS – in a few simple steps.



If you want to highlight a single page or offer on your Mobilized site, use the “Promote” widget. Promote formats include text-only, image-only, or combined.


e-Commerce Integration

WiyaMobile can automatically integrate Google Checkout and Google Wallet into all Mobilized sites. And if you require a custom e-commerce solution, we’ll build it for you.


Analytics Integration

You can’t optimize your Mobilized site without detailed and accurate performance data. That’s why WiyaMobile offers Google Analytics integration to all of our customers.

You’ll get the insights you need to improve user experience and increase mobile revenues.


QR Codes

The “QR Code” widget allows you to generate codes based on a Mobilized site URL or phone number, making it easy for users to respond directly to your promotional campaigns.



With the “Click-to-Call” widget, you can use your Mobilized site to drive trackable phone calls to your business.

Customize the look and feel of your “Click-to-Call” widget, and integrate it into your “Dashboard” or site menus.


Navigation Bar

To add horizontal navigation to highlight specific areas of your site. “Navigation Bars” can be text only or they can include device-optimized icons.


Share Bar

Empower your customers to promote your business for you. With the “Share Bar,” users of your Mobilized site can email links to your page, or share them on Facebook and Twitter.


Full Version

There may be situations where users can’t find familiar functionality on the Mobilized version of your site.

The “Full Version” widget gives them an easy way to access your desktop site on their mobile device. And with Google Analytics integration, the “Full Version” widget gives you important insights into your mobile site’s usability.



Add simple HTML tables to your Mobilized site with the “Tabular” widget. (For more extensive HTML customization, you can use the “Markup” widget, or contact the WiyaMobile Support Team.)



Direct users to key content with the “Link” widget. (Links to pages within your domain will be Mobilized; third-party domains will not.)



The Mobilizer dynamically transforms and updates all the text on your desktop site. But if you need to include messaging specific to your Mobilized site, the “Text” widget allows you to add it.





The “Markup” widget gives you absolute flexibility. Anything you can code in HTML can be included in your Mobilized site.

And if you need additional support customizing your Mobilized site, the WiyaMobile Services Team can help.



Add a single image to any page of your Mobilized site, with custom caption placement.




Create a grid of custom icons that directs users to the most important parts of your Mobilized site.




Customize your Mobilized site menus. Make changes to automatically-generated menus, or create new menus from scratch.

You can even customize the look and feel of your menus with a few simple steps.



Feedback Form

Find out what your customers think about your Mobilized site – and your business – with the “Feedback Form.” Customize subject lines and drive emails directly to your support team.




The “Toolbar” widget makes it easy for users to access other custom plugins of your Mobilized site, including “Site Search” or “Feed,” as well as providing instant access to the full version of your site.

Users can even use the Toolbar to toggle navigation menus on or off.