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Why is being mobile compatible so important?

At present there are more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes. So how is small business embracing the mobile revolution?  Whilst we are starting to see a trend with services such as pizza shops, 24 hour services like plumbing and tow trucks starting to get on board the truth is 98 percent of small business are losing money by not having a mobile friendly website.

This  year mobile phones will outnumber desktops computers. Not only that but 99 percent of mobile phone users have a mobile phone within reach 95 percent of the time. We use them while watching TV, at work, and even on the toilet. Many businesses will this year find themselves in a dangerous position because they have not created a positive mobile experience for their customers. Especially when you consider that already two thirds of all local searches are now performed on a mobile phone.

The importance of a good mobile web design is critical to making that phone ring. No one wants to wait a long time for your site to load, only to have to pinch and scroll your way through the website. Trying to locate your contact number on a mobile phone presents another challenge. Easy to do with a 17 inch screen and mouse, however not so easy to do with your fingers on a two inch wide screen.

Non-mobile friendly sites make it overly difficult to find important information about your business resulting in too many lost sales and enquiries. Businesses need to know that mobile visitors are task specific. Meaning that are looking for your service or product now. Small businesses need to know that a whopping 61 percent of visitors to a mobile friendly site end up calling the business. More info about Why you need to be Mobile

3 Smart Reasons to Mobilize

1. With mobile web users predicted to overtake desktop web users in 2014, it is imperative for your business to have a mobile friendly website to remain competitive.

2. The key to a good mobile website is to keep it simple and easy to navigate. Users expect a web browsing experience comparable to the desktop version. If a mobile site is too cumbersome or slow the user is likely to search another site within 5 seconds or less.

3. When users visit your mobile website they are usually interested in performing some sort of action such as click to call, find your location, or make a reservation and more than half the people searching on a smartphone will make a purchase.  Don’t miss the opportunity for a conversion.

Become Mobile Ready

This could be the best decision that your business will make.