Why WiyaMobile?

The first time people look at your business’ site, they’re probably on a phone. They may check it later from their desktop or laptop, but if you’re in the business of getting people on seats, you have to think mobile first. That means you need to deliver the full content of your website in a rich experience for small screens and devices. More info about Why you need to be Mobile

Responsiveness Means Everything

You don’t need to know how it works, except that a well-designed responsive page will format itself to the best size and layout for the device you’re using without the requirement for multiple discrete sites to support different devices. Do it right, and the same pages appear differently, but just as good, on devices as disparate as an iMac and an iPhone.

The Importance is Substantial

Tapping into the mobile market is key for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Why? Because more consumers are using their phones to search for products and services more than ever before.